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Municipal Plan Review

We founded this company on the basis of using our passion for code reviews and construction and help municipalities in their endeavors! We come from a seasoned background of running large building inspection divisions, sitting on code councils at the highest levels of government, and have a strong professional engineering background to help us tackle any problem. Our goal is always to work in partnership with not only your community, but also your applicants. We know from experience how important life safety is in buildings – and it always comes down to a team effort. We will strive to put our passion into education and help your applicants on their journey to build their projects, open their new business, and establish themselves in your community.

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Code Peer Reviews

For architects and engineers who are seeking a second set of seasoned eyes, we can review your plans for your proposed construction for you and help prepare you for when you ultimately submit to the Authority Having Jurisdiction! We are experienced in multiple state codes, the full ICC suite, and are active members of the code community as a whole to help you on any project in the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure to bring in the required number of hard copies of everything we send back to you (if applicable) to the municipality so they can then ensure you have everything in order including any local requirements (i.e., zoning, historical, building board approvals, etc..) so permits can be issued and you may start construction!

Before any work can be issued a permit, especially for commercial structures, first a plan review must be performed to ensure code compliance! Our Company, E-Plan Exam, has partnered with the municipalities as well as the State of Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services to achieve local delegation at the municipal level where E-Plan Exam can then do your review!

We guarantee to all our municipal partners, in contract, that we will not exceed 15 business days for any plan review! Now this does not mean or translate that you will be able to automatically start work in 15 days as you may need to do some more items at the local level. Likewise, if we request additional information because something does not appear code compliant, that 15-day clock restarts.

We operate off a first come first serve basis. No appointments required! If you have a large project coming soon, we always appreciate a heads up so we can walk you through the process!

When we get the plans, the one thing you will probably immediately notice is that you will NOT get an immediate payment link to pay for the review. This is because our staff reviews each plan set to ensure that we have enough to go on to verify the plan review fees. From there our staff will reach out with confirmation on what the fees are and present options for payment.

Additionally, while that is happening, once you hit submit – you instantly are put into our queue. From there a plan reviewer will be assigned to your project and will reach out to your primary/secondary contacts you designate to verify what, if anything, additional is required before we can move to granting conditional approval.

Once your plans are conditionally approved and all fees paid, if you submitted via electronically, we transmit all the documents back to you for your records so you can obtain permits. If you submitted through paper submission, we bring everything back to that municipalities’ offices directly. From there, the municipality will be the ones that you will need to coordinate with in order to verify what, if anything, additional is required before your ability to start work!

Great question. For years, decades even, going through the State for plan review has become our norm. most communities have no idea this is available to them as an option to take it back in house or what’s required to do it. And even then, as of today we can only identify a very small handful of communities in the State of Wisconsin that have full-fledged authority across the board for unlimited size structures for Building, HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler plan reviews. We are always looking to expand, and if nothing else we are more than willing to help a municipality explore what it will take to do this.

This program does the following for communities when partnered with us:

  • Re-directs revenue to them that they have never seen before.
  • A portion of all fees we receive is set aside for scholarships within the communities we serve – something that isn’t happening today.
  • It allows the communities to better enable and have a direct hand in the development process within their community by consolidating the entire review process rather than having to rely upon an external entity.


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