One of E-Plan Exam’s primary municipal service offerings is Municipal Plan Review. We offer Plan Reviews that are high quality and are completed in an expedited time frame. 

How we operate is that we partner with you and your community or team to conduct Building, HVAC, Fire Alarm, and/or Fire Sprinkler plan reviews at the local level and for our Wisconsin Clients, achieving delegation by the State to do these at the local level. During our review, we work with your inspection department and tailor our assessments based on your specifications and department’s needs while ensuring uniform application of the building codes as enforced by the State of Wisconsin. Our Municipal Plan Review service offering allows for submissions of plan reviews electronically or by paper if requested.  As a courtesy to our municipal partners, we provide you with full access to our system to better provide transparency and to watch us work!

Expedited & Fully Transparent

At E-Plan Exam, we are proud of our ability to expedite plan reviews in your municipality as well as provide you and your team with full transparency throughout the process. We guarantee a fifteen business day turnaround from the time of submission while remaining available to, and in communication with, your team or community! 

When you choose any of our services, we certify that you will have access to our team during the review process.  Additionally, we will provide free unlimited local municipal code consultations to your community!  Our goal is to help serve as an extension of your staff and provide your team as well as your community with the best possible service! 

In comparison to what you may be experiencing currently with other vendors or the State of Wisconsin today, we strive for full transparency of our operations and to keep overall control of the plan review operation in your hands. Our goals are to identify and address design issues, and life safety issues, and to do so months in advance of the commencement of any construction activities on site.  

Local Focus & Knowledge

As opposed to other municipal plan review entities, we are able to focus on issues concerning your community. This hyper-focus on your community gives both us as well as the developers seeking to build in the community familiarity with relevant local state laws. This in turn should greatly ease your team’s ability to complete the inspections for projects and be able to open businesses sooner with a well-laid and defined path to code compliance. 

Additionally, as a complementary service, we offer a free review of local municipal building codes. And, for all of our municipal partners, we offer assistance with municipal code of ordinance rewrites for your building and fire codes as well as assist in preparing the necessary application paperwork to submit to the State of Wisconsin to achieve delegated status for your community!. As a result of our extensive knowledge of local Wisconsin communities and municipal regulations, we have often been able to reroute funds, never before seen by the communities we serve, from the State to our municipal partners!.  

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