E-Plan Exam offers municipal audits of inspection departments as one of our services to communities and teams looking for additional eyes on their procedures and operations. We have experience in both large communities as well as small townships so we can tailor our approach to your needs, concerns, and focus. At E-Plan Exam, we recognize that, no matter what the size of the municipality, there are fundamental aspects of successful building inspection and building safety that we want to help you understand, manage, and adhere to. 

Our municipal audits of inspection departments offer an in depth review of your staffing, ordinance review and adoption, inspection procedures, best practices, fee comparisons, budgeting, and consistent record keeping. We are here to ensure that you are appropriately proceeding with your building plans and inspections.  

Our Process

When you choose E-Plan Exam, we assist and prepare your inspection department for any audits it might face. We do this by conducting our own audit to mimic what you might expect, thereby preparing you and your team to best prepare for, handle, and address the real thing. 

To determine and institute practices that will best serve the whole community, we call on our knowledge and experience with managing building inspection departments. We have found this holistic approach sets a solid foundation for operational growth within the inspection department and for handling future changeovers in department staff. When you have agreed-upon operational procedures in place, any incoming staff can be easily trained and brought up to date in a consistent manner. This kind of preparation will help prevent gaps in knowledge that could lead to unintended oversights.  

The core of what we do for audits of inspection departments is check every detail of past approved plans, including adopted ordinances and references to the appropriate codes. Additionally, we will help put best practices in place throughout the process for your team to use in the future. At base level when you engage our plan review services, we will review relevant ordinances free of charge. If more detail is required, we can also review aspects of operation such as staffing, software, record retention, daily practices, training, employee pay scales, and municipal budgeting. 

The speed with which we can turnaround an audit for you depends on the municipality for adoption of the revised or new ordinances and how fast they operate. This can take about a month. However, when that is not an issue, we can complete the audit, including a deep dive into the operations and practices of the department, in about a week. 

Our Municipal Plan Review Services

Many of the services associated with our municipal audits are complimentary with our Municipal Plan Review services that communities can choose to engage. For most of our Municipal Plan Review clients, these services will come at no additional cost and as needed. As part of the municipal plan review services, we begin the process by reviewing things like building codes, plumbing codes, and fire codes to ensure that all steps are in compliance with the state’s laws. 

Contact E-Plan Exam

If you are interested in Municipal Audits of Inspection Departments or our Municipal Plan Review more generally, contact E-Plan today to discuss your community or organization’s needs. We are sure to find a process that will work best for you and your team. Keep in mind that we have generally offered Municipal Audits of Inspection Departments as part of our broader Municipal Plan Review services, so please consider signing on for the more expansive services that can more comprehensively benefit you and your community! Contact E-Plan Exam today!